ATA Carnet Certificate of Location Update

Are you an ATA Carnet holder? This news could affect you..

Certificates of Location are currently issued as paper documents and sent by post. However, effective from 1st March 2023, Certificates of Location will be emailed to applicants as scanned documents. The format of the Certificate will remain unchanged, and each document will be scanned in colour and contain a HMRC stamp and signature. Hard copies can still be requested in exceptional cases, for example, if there is a claim against the Carnet and the claiming country only accepts paper documents as proof.

What is a Certificate of Location?

A Certificate of Location is a document issued by the National ATA Carnet Unit, and is used to prove the whereabouts of the goods listed on an ATA Carnet. It is essential to obtain a Certificate of Location if your Carnet has not been stamped correctly. This is because you need to be able to provide evidence that the goods returned to the UK if foreign customs make a claim.

If you notice that your ATA Carnet has not been stamped correctly by customs, please get in touch with the National ATA Carnet Unit immediately:

National ATA Carnet Unit
0300 322 7064

To find about more about Certificates of Location, visit HMRC's website.