Questions still remain as Brexit transition period nears

The British Chambers of Commerce has recently published an update on its Brexit guidance dashboard, outlining over 20 key questions that businesses still need answering ahead of the end of the Brexit transition period.

The document has been published alongside updated research which suggests business are not prepared for the impending regulatory changes, with only 95 days to go until 1 January 2021. 

Unanswered questions include queries surrounding which rules of origin will apply after the transition and a lack of clarity on how exported food and drink should be labelled.

British Chambers of Commerce, which represents 75,000 businesses in the UK, 30,000 of which trade internationally, has written to Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove “seeking action for businesses and urgent discussions to help firms prepare.”

Any uncertainty surrounding the end of the transition period is something Business West is dedicated to alleviating, but there needs to be sufficient guidance from the government where questions remain unanswered.

To find out more, learn how you can prepare and how Business West can support your business through the transition, read the full blog on the Business West website.