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BY: Catherine Stephens 14 February 2022
An ATA Carnet acts as a 'passport for goods’, simplifying the customs process and replacing all the usual customs documents for temporarily exporting goods.
BY: Catherine Stephens 12 October 2021
The 31st December 2020 saw the United Kingdom leave the European Union. Since then, trading rules with the EU have changed, but with a deal only being announced a week previously on Christmas Eve, businesses are still trying to understand exactly what exporting to, and importing from Europe will look like from now on.
BY: Catherine Stephens 05 March 2021
Rules of Origin (RoO) are the rules to attribute a country of origin to a product in order to determine its "economic nationality".
BY: Catherine Stephens 22 February 2021
ATA Carnets were not previously needed for UK businesses travelling into other EU countries, but since 1st January 2021, firms can choose to use an ATA Carnet when transporting certain good
BY: Catherine Stephens 06 January 2021
The UK left the EU on December 31st, meaning trade with Europe has changed in several ways.
BY: James Monk 24 December 2020
As the UK and EU reach a Brexit deal, companies can now rest assured that there will be some political framework for future trade as well as economic cooperation.
BY: James Monk 28 September 2020
The British Chambers of Commerce has recently published an update on its
BY: James Monk 11 September 2020
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