ATA Carnet

If you're exporting certain goods and motor vehicles on a temporary basis then an ATA Carnet is exactly what you need.

An ATA Carnet acts as a passport and replaces the need for all the usual customs documents.


Whether you want to take samples to overseas buyers and potential customers, exhibit at a trade fair or transport professional equipment, we can ensure that you never have to pay duty at the time of import.

If you want your goods to benefit from a streamlined customs clearance routine in over 40 countries then use our fast, reliable and secure electronic ATA Carnet service today.

Our ATA Carnet service includes:

  • Completion of all Carnet vouchers
  • Simplification of customs procedures
  • Bespoke service to suit your needs


Each ATA Carnet that you require will cost just £310.00 +VAT *

All of the ATA Carnets that we issue can be used for multiple trips and are valid for a period of up to one year.

* There is a discount available to members of the Business West Chamber of Commerce.


Follow the link below to register your Acorn account and start creating your ATA Carnet documents.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you can start submitting and publishing your ATA Carnet documents you will need to complete and return a Formal Undertaking document to our Chambers of Commerce. Our export documentation team are on hand to help with any questions or queries around setting up your account.

What goods are covered by an ATA Carnet? 

In general, ATA Carnets cover:

  • Commercial samples.
  • Goods temporarily imported for display or use at trade shows, exhibitions, fairs or meetings.
  • Recorded film and media.
  • Professional equipment that you might need for your work, e.g. cameras, laptops and sound equipment.
  • Goods imported in connection with a manufacturing operation.
  • Instruments, apparatus or machines made available by a supplier pending delivery or repair of similar equipment.
  • Goods for educational, scientific or cultural purposes.
  • Sports goods.

However, the types of goods that may be covered by ATA Carnets varies between contracting countries, so we recommend getting in touch if you have any doubts before applying.

Which countries accept ATA Carnets?

Here is a full list of countries that accept ATA Carnets:

Albania Iceland Mexico Sri Lanka
Algeria India Moldova Switzerland
Andorra Indonesia Mongolia Thailand
Australia Iran Montenegro Tunisia
Belarus Israel Morocco Turkey
Bahrain Japan New Zealand Ukraine
Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic of Korea Norway United Arab Emirates
Canada Lebanon Pakistan USA
Chile Macao (China) Russian Federation  
China Macedonia Senegal  
Cote D'Ivoire Madagascar Serbia  
Gibraltar Malaysia Singapore  
Hong Kong (China) Mauritius South Africa  



If you'd like to discuss any specific requirements regarding an ATA Carnet application then you can call the team on +44 (0)1275 774 126 or email